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Joan Black Joan Black 29 April 2014

Season 2

I wonder what will happen in Season 2. For sure, there will be new characters introduced. I think more of Atran will be shown. I hope Mase really stops being suspicious of Yu-Hwa all the time. I always feel like after paying for the cafe's renovation, he'll do something mean again, though I also think it's less probable.

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Wings of the Wind Wings of the Wind 11 April 2014

List of works to do in the Unexpected Break!

The unexpected break of the manhwa due to the Illustrator Lee Gwang-su's illness has provided us opportunity to update our wiki *gotta think positive despite the weeks of no manhwa torture*.

I'm making a list to get a better picture at what we're aiming to get done here:

Character Pages
  • Create all character articles showed in season 1.
  • Add all criteria and relevant info
    • Appearance
    • Personality
    • Background
    • Plot (Season 1)
    • Relationship (for Major Characters)
    • Ability
  • Build up galleries for major and supporting characters.

Chapter Pages
  • Fill up all chapter articles with adequate info.

Articles for Fights
  • List all required articles.
  • Write the articles.
  • Supply with image galleries.

  • Fix typos, broken links.
  • Correct grammar and fluidity.

There's lots to do…

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Wings of the Wind Wings of the Wind 25 February 2014


Hello all!

As this wiki does not have the Forum (latest version) initiated, I'm writing this blog to get the issue noticed (especially to the editors here).



We're having affiliation proposals here and since there are no active admins or bureaucrats here, we, the editors need to decide by ourselves. Affiliation encourages flow of wiki viewers and can play role in wiki growth.

Recently The Breaker Wiki has proposed affiliation. If anyone has any objection to affiliating, do let us know. 

10:17, February 25, 2014 (UTC)

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Strixflash Strixflash 2 February 2013

The new series, the expectations and this wiki~!

I have been reading mangas for more than two years, and as far as I can remember, I haven't started reading a series when only one chapter was out. Normally, I like to start a series after it hass reached a certain length and has got enough development. But...... Ability broke the record! I started reading it on the very day it got released!

There are always great expectations when your favourite author/artist starts a new series. And Ability is no different..... I started reading it because it was backed by the name of Noblesse authors. I liked how authors made him discover his powers (when he was young ....he saw his friends normal healing power). It was impressive as they didn't used any cliche for him to discover his powers. While the "…

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Wings of the Wind Wings of the Wind 2 February 2013

Steps of Wiki Build-Up

After starting a wiki, the main thing that concerns most founders/admins is the wiki build-up. However it's quite easy to achieve a rapid, regular growth by executing a few simple steps in an organized way. After getting done with the mainpage and a few pages, contributors especially admins have some important duties to get things rolling. Though these steps are usual and common, let me share them again as a few things I've learnt from my own experience.

Basic Steps

  • Making up a guideline or set of codes that every article page should follow. No need to be too particular as changing for better is always a good thing.
  • Writing up as many important articles with whatever content available as possible and getting articles organized under certain cate…
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