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Cafe exterior

The cafe interior

The cafe is owned by Han Yu-Hwa. It is a family cafe which he inherited from his grandfather. Although it's a cafe, only americanos and espressos are sold there. It is not popular with customers which explains why the business is nearly always running low. Yu-Hwa runs it only because he was entrusted with it; otherwise he had planned to shut it down. It is also mentioned that Yu-Hwa made all the furniture in that place by himself.

The cafe is a haunt of Sa-Ryun, who is promised free coffee for his entire life by Yu-Hwa. Under the cafe, is a basement where Sa-Ryun provided Yu-Hwa some training to control/stabilize his ability. After Sa-Ryun departs temporarily, the Atran troops follow his trail to Yu-Hwa's cafe.

Due to Yu-Hwa getting continuously mixed up in confrontations with Anothers, and most of the fights being inside the cafe, the place is almost always in a destroyed state. However, after Yu-Hwa joins Hon, he is funded to repair and maintain his cafe. Sometimes, his Hon teammates - Un and Ye-Rin help him out to fix the cafe. Ji-Woon Kang also visits him in his cafe. On one occasion of saving Hon princess Su-Jin Ji, from Atran's attack, Yu-Hwa's cafe gets a special fixing up from Mase who spends his personal money on it.