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Chapter 10
Release Date 19 Dec 2012
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa accompanies Detective Park to a crime scene because there might be an Another there. Upon reaching the site, they find another detective, Kim's car parked there. Detective Park tells Yu-Hwa to stay put inside as he checks out the situation. Yu-Hwa lies back on the seat and wonders what will happen when a sudden thud draws his attention. He gets up to see the detective fallen on the car. A voice draws Yu-Hwa's attention towards the one who threw Park. It turns out to be the another from before and he is the one responsible for committing serial murders. Park’s bullets have no effect on the another at all, and before he is killed, Yu-Hwa steps in with his powers enhanced to some extent (for which he gives credit to the glove that Sa-Ryun has given him). He fights the another and sends it flying. However, after getting hit, the another realizes that the attack has healed his injuries!