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Chapter 11
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Release Date 27 Dec 2012
Season 01
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The Another lets down his guard to take hits from Yu-Hwa, thinking that Yu-Hwa will heal him as he did before. Instead, he takes a beating from Yu-Hwa, who seems to be moving very fast. He gradually makes progress, but he can’t protect the detective and fight at the same time. He is poisoned by one of the another’s spines and begins to lose consciousness.

The another prepares to kill the detective when Yu-Hwa calls out for help. A voice within him responds, asking if he awakened it. Yu-Hwa says no but asks for help. The source starts to glow and with a flash of light his powers are vamped up again. As Yu-Hwa stands up, his right arm (the one with the glove) glows black and emits purple aura.