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Chapter 13
Release Date 09 Jan 2013
Season 01
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This chapter starts with Sa-Ryun defeating few Anothers who were send after him. He wonders if they ever get tired of this. One of the Anothers says this is not over yet and they will never let him live. Sa-Ryun kills them with flames and complains that this will be a pain in the future as well.

The scene then shifts to cafe where Yu-Hwa wonders about the Another he fought few days ago. He believes that another didn't attacked him again because of his increase in strength. Yu-Hwa remembers his talk with Detective Park who promised to not to reveal his abilities as he saved him from danger. Yu-Hwa is delighted and relieved to hear this.

After few minutes Sa-Ryun enters the cafe. Yu-Hwa welcomes him and offer him a cup of coffee. Yu-Hwa thanks him again for the glove as it helped him in his fight with Another. Sa-Ryu reveals that glove will help him draw out his powers other than hiding his abilities from Anothers. Yu-Hwa wonders about the identity of Sa-Ryun but let it go as he saved his life twice. He promises free coffee for him as long as he lives. Sa-Ryun tells him not to forgot the fact that he saved his life. Yu-Hwa tells him that's a given and calls him "Hyung" seeing the age difference and the fact that he saved him. Sa-Ryun takes his leave and at the same time Detective Park makes his entry.

Detective Park informs him that he's recovering fine and the another officer (Detective Kim) is also recovering well. He tells that it is all thanks to him for saving them back then. After a few moments of light jokes, Detective Park reveals the true reason behind his visit. He tells him about the cases which were not solved as they defied human logic. But now those cases made sense after hearing about Anothers from Yu-Hwa. Detective Park tells him that he will be the incharge of those cases and he wants Yu-Hwa's help. Yu-Hwa thinks about it but Detective Park tells him all that he wants is advice on cases and not his fighting abilities like a few days ago. Yu-Hwa promises to help on the condition that Detective Park only drinks coffee from his cafe and not anywhere else!