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Chapter 14
Release Date 16 Jan 2013
Season 01
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Sa-Ryun visits Yu-hwa at his cafe and comes to know of the latter's newest project - aiding detective Park to investigate Anothers! Sa-Ryun tells him to cancel his helping mission but Yu-Hwa remains adamant. To him, using his ability for good works is something he would never have imagined and now that the chance has come, he cannot just let it go. Sa-Ryun battles within himself over deciding whether to consume Yu-Hwa's power right then or to wait and watch him jump right into more powerful Anothers. Suddenly Yu-Hwa mentions the glove talking to him and aiding him at crisis. This startles Sa-Ryun as he knows full well that the glove don't have that kind of power. He assumes that it must have been Yu-Hwa's inner ability awakening. So, he decides to hold back still and train Yu-Hwa to fight and survive Anothers as well as growing his abilities. Yu-Hwa agrees to his hyung's training proposal and finds out a suitable place- the basement restaurant room. And his training begins the very day!