Crystal icon.png Chapter 15
Release Date 23 Jan 2013
Season 01
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The past few days of training with Sa-Ryun has proved to be unyielding as Yu-Hwa couldn't awaken his powers at all. The only improvement is that his speed, strength and regenerative abilities have increased a bit.

At this state, Sa-Ryun decides to increase the difficulty level so that his trainee could awaken his powers which is the true objective. After Yu-Hwa consents, the training begins. Sa-Ryun first fortifies the place using yellow sphere technique and then launches attacks with red sphere. Yu-Hwa gets pierced again and again with red laser beams but when his trainer raises the power of attacks, his inner power starts to awaken. A blue aura emates from Yu-Hwa's body and his reflexes change. He is able to keep up with Sa-Ryun's speed as well as dodge multiple attacks. Then he manages to land a charge on Sa-Ryun's injured arm but the latter blasts him away.

As Yu-Hwa drops unconscious hitting his head on the wall, Sa-Ryun muses at his now healed arm. He recalls Yu-Hwa mentioning that the last Another got healed when he had hit him. He reflects his disgust at the healing power.

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