Crystal icon.png Chapter 16
Release Date 30 Jan 2013
Season 01
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Sa-Ryun reveals the nature of Yu-Hwa's power to him. It heals his opponents when he hits them, awakens when he is unconscious or in life-danger. Yu-Hwa finds the theory of 'healing by hitting' absurd but Sa-Ryun explains it as a result of his lack of control. It is a very unusual and dangerous ability.

Suddenly Detective Park drops by to see Yu-Hwa. Yu-Hwa meerly passes the visible wounds as results of over exercise (not mentioning the several holes he has gained in his body). Yu-Hwa notices that Sa-Ryun has already left, albeit not realizing why. Park asks Yu-hwa to accompany him after closing up the bar and knowing it must be another related, the latter agrees.

Late after evening, detective Park and Yu-Hwa drives out as Park explains his recent case. It's actually a sum of cases of collapsed buildings, burning of cars and etc in one particular area without any relevant cause. He thinks the supernatural abilities of Anothers might as well explain it. So they check out the accident spots one after another.

Elsewhere, in a corporate office like place, the workers report to their chief, Mase, that two suspicious looking people are checking out the spots they haven't cleaned up yet. Mase tells that he will meet them personally and leaves.

On an intensively damaged ground, Yu-Hwa and Park find claw marks. Just then Mase appears behind them and asks Yu-Hwa what he is doing there.

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