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Chapter 17
Release Date 07 Feb 2013
Season 01
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Mase interrogates Yu-Hwa about his presence but Detective Park says they have come on official business. Mase reminds them that the case is closed.

Yu-Hwa notices the presence of two other people behind them. Mase again asks Yu-Hwa why HE is there and Park slips something regarding anothers. The new boy catches on the slip and Yu-Hwa covers Park telling he is a victim of the another who attacked in the hospital. As Mase wonders how Yu-Hwa is still alive after getting attacked again, the survivor lets out that he chased the another away. Hearing that, the boy attacks him but is disappointed as Yu-Hwa falls defenseless. The woman does the same to Park who collapses in one strike. Yu-Hwa asks why he has done that and the boy replies that he wants to question someone as suspicious as him. He knocks him unconscious but a little later Yu-hwa raises his head again. Surprised, the boy knocks Yu-Hwa harder this time but the latter gets up faster than before. This is repeated a few times and finally they manage to drag away Yu-Hwa unconscious.

Yu Hwa wakes up hand-cuffed in a room with the woman standing nearby and both being under surveillance. She takes off the cuffs to question him. Suddenly Su-Jin Ji arrives the surveillance room and chides Mase for having detained Yu-Hwa. Mase explains that he found it suspicious because Yu-Hwa managed to survive the another again and has been poking around places concerning anothers. Despite knowing that Mase is worried, Su-Jin orders him to release Yu-Hwa.