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Chapter 18
Release Date 13 Feb 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa gets a ride home with his face covered and as he is thrown out of the car, the boy warns him to stay out of their world. The car drives past and Detective Park rushes in, quite glad to find Yu-Hwa safe and sound. He himself woke up in his house and his superiors have ordered him to stop investigating any further. They agree to take cautious steps from now on and part ways.

In his cafe, Yu-Hwa is thinking over and over who those guys could be and why was Mase acting such. However, he is interrupted by people at his door. He shouted they're closed but those guys do not move. He opens the door and there stand two well-built guys, suited in black with hats. They attack him as soon as they step in. Yu-Hwa is no match for them and soon they get the better of him. One of them clutches Yu-Hwa's throat and asks him what his connection is with Hon. Yu-Hwa, clearly unaware of what they're referring to, couldn't reply. But he is saved by the boy from before who enters through a window and shoots the intruders. It doesn't work and so he brings out his double-sticks to fight. Caught off-guard, the intruders retreat with a flash blast.

The boy affirms Yu-Hwa that Hon is the organization he and Mase work for and they had suspected him to be related with the intruder guys. Yu-Hwa recalls that Park is all by himself and suspects they could be going for him next.