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Chapter 19
Release Date 21 Feb 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa accompanies the boy to Detective Park's apartment and finds it in a disturbed state. As they enter, they see one of the Anothers from before gripping an injured Park's throat. Yu-Hwa rushes in to fight him off but the big guy is just too much for him. The boy attacks the another and they clog in a well-matched fight. Yu-Hwa charges in to have his share in the fight and gets knocked down again and again by the another. However, like before, the boy astonishingly finds him getting back up again and again. Yu-Hwa holds the another from back as the boy hits him. But the another is tougher and he throws Yu-Hwa off the window. The another then escapes taking Detective Park with him using a flash bomb as Yu-Hwa manages to survive the last attack and stand up.