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Chapter 1
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Release Date 19 Oct 2012
Season 01
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The series starts with a young man sitting in his cafe and listening to the news: One more murder has been committed in Seoul. It's someone called Mr. Lee. The number of murders are increasing recently. The young man reluctantly continues to listen as he isn't busy with no customers around.

His name is Han Yu-Hwa, a 21-year old young man who has inherited his grandfather's cafe. He accidently spills hot milk on his hand causing a burn. He doesn't seem worried - like always, his wound heals within seconds. He has known it - he knows he is different from normal humans when he entered elementary school. He is more athletic, strong and has superior regeneration than others. But he has never considered it as an 'ability'.

Yu-Hwa decides to go out to buy milk and other stuff. On the way back home, a little girl calls him and asks for his cell phone. He lends it to her and she walks a little far to make a call. A sudden mild gale blows away her hat and she runs after it. It's too late when she notices that she is right in the middle of the road and a speedy truck is heading right at her! Yu-Hwa rushes to save her and shields the little girl. He gets blown off a distance due to the massive impact. He should have died...but something happens; something within him that no ordinary humans notice - acrystal cracks and emits energy unseen by human eyes. Han Yu-Hwa survives the fatal accident and is taken to hospital.

From far away, someone with glowing eyes in the dark, has felt this aura of crystal and sets his mind to get it.