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Chapter 2
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Release Date 24 Oct 2012
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa has a flashback from 15 years back. He was only a 6-year old kid. Somehow he got lost in the mountains and fell victim to a rock slide. It was a miracle that he survived it! There he found a crystal and reached for the gem. As soon as he grabbed it, the place filled with glowing light and the crystal was absorbed by him.

Han Yu-Hwa gains back his conscious and wakes up to find himself hospitalized. The doctor and nurse are startled that he has recovered within a day after that dangerous accident. Yu-Hwa asks about the little girl and learns that she is  admitted in a VIP room and her guardian with her. She has shown considerable concern for him. Yu-Hwa feels relieved. The doctor tells Yu-Hwa that though he doesn't require it, he should stay in a few more days just in case.

Later, Yu-hwa gets hungry and goes out to grab some food. He also takes a detour to meet the little girl he has saved. However, he finds two guards lying dead in front of the room and a monster right ahead!