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Chapter 20
Release Date 27 Feb 2013
Season 01
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The Hons locate the Another who had taken Detective Park. Yu-Hwa barges in their restricted area to tell them he's going to look for the detective. It is because of Hon that they ended up like this. So, he demands to know what Hon does. Su-Jin appears behind Yu-Hwa and explains that Hon exists to co-ordinate and maintain the harmonious relationship between humans and Anothers. To Yu-Hwa's surprise, she also tells that she is in charge of Hon. Yu-Hwa asks her to order her subordinates to let him go but Su-Jin says they're just protecting him. It is their responsibility to find Park. No matter how he is told, Yu-Hwa defies to stay put and surprisingly Mase supports his release. It is however, on the condition that they won't be responsible if anything happens to him.

Yu-Hwa goes along with the two Hon agents he previously met. They are assaulted on the way. A greeting committee of the Anothers has arrived. With everyone ready, the fight starts off.