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Chapter 21
Release Date 07 Mar 2013
Season 01
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The two Hon agents take care of the battle-type anothers with Ye-Rin fighting her opponents with far relative ease than her partner. However, a group of more salamanders arrive.

Back near the car, Yu-Hwa finds an injured another and attempts to fight it. However, the another proves stronger even in his injured state. Yu-Hwa recalls what Sa-Ryun had said about his ability. His only advantage in conscious form is his regeneration skills. So, Yu-Hwa attacks and attacks despite the injuries he keeps receiving, knowing that he will heal. His perseverance shows result as he slowly gets better and finally is on par the same level as the another.

As Ye-Rin and her partner arrive, the another tries to flee but the boy takes over and finishes it off. He compliments how Yu-Hwa is still moving. Ye Rin asks him if he could go with them to get Park who is near. Yu-Hwa says he can still move and will go. The boy then comments how he looks like a zombie!