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Chapter 22
Release Date 13 Mar 2013
Season 01
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In spite of his injured state, Yu-Hwa dashes along with Ye-Rin and her partner to the Salamanders' hideout. They go inside and find Detective Park bound unconscious. Yu-Hwa enters to save Park but the leader of the salamanders' group emerges. He introduces himself as Jacra. When YeRin demands to know why their group did not report to them, he announces revolt against Hon, accusing them of trying to control anothers. He reveals his views on humans who should be ruled by anothers since they're the superiors.

The rescue team, now surrounded by the salamander group, starts fighting. Jacra sends his best anothers to annihilate the elite agents. Yu-Hwa is left to protect Park alone and thinks of getting him away to safety as he is not of much help to the other two. But his way is blocked by the anothers who attacked him the other day.