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Chapter 24
Release Date 27 Mar 2013
Season 01
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The another who is taken down by Yu-Hwa suddenly gets up and attacks him. However, Jacra intervenes. He becomes curious upon knowing that someone like Yu-Hwa is in the Hon. Ye-Rin's partner corrects Jacra saying Yu-Hwa only got himself involved in one of their fights and he does not belong to Hon. Jacra finds it more interesting; considering Yu-Hwa is able to move despite being so severely injured and fighting regardless is quite a feat. Jacra has noticed that he regenerates quickly and to test his limits, he is willing to fight Yu-Hwa himself!

Now that a test challenge has been thrown by the leader himself who seems to be on a different level from others, Yu-Hwa gets unnerved. To motivate him, Jacra adds that he'll let Detective Park leave unscathed and retreat if he satisfies his interest. But if he fails to do so, Park will be killed first.

With the conditions pronounced, Yu-Hwa is determined to give it his best and charges in. He aims punches towards Jacra but is proven too slow. Jacra hits him face-on but Yu-Hwa manages to get up. Jacra praises his spirit and tells his men to learn from Yu-Hwa seeing that none of them could ever get up after he has hit them. Jacra powers up his fist and drives in to hit Yu-Hwa. But surprisingly, Ye-Rin stops his fist with her feet. Jacra decides to retreat. Before leaving, he says that he's doing so not because he can't handle them but to honor the promise.