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Chapter 25
Release Date 03 Apr 2013
Season 01
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Sitting in his recently deserted cafe, Yu-Hwa ponders what he would have done if Hon did not assist him financially now that his cafe is almost devoid of customers.

It was a few days ago that Su-Jin Ji came along with her subordinates to offer him to join Hon. It was not for his service but for his protection. The recent attacks on him are proofs that the anothers have taken interest in him. Jacra, who is a highly-dangerous class another, someone even Ye-Rin and Un would not be able to take down even if they gave up their lives, fought with Yu-Hwa. That itself is a serious issue. So, Su-Jin has given Yu-Hwa time to think about joining Hon.

Thinking about Hon, Yu-Hwa suddenly recalls Sa-Ryun and how he might be angry that he has got involved in these things. Speaking of Sa-Ryun, he hasn't shown up in a while. Yu-Hwa wonders if he is okay.

The rain starts pouring down and Yu-Hwa looks out from the glass panels of his cafe door. He sees a kid with a satchel, drenched in the rain. So, he opens the door and offers the kid to stay in the cafe until it stops raining. Once inside, he gives him a towel to dry off and offers hot chocolate to get warm. While he drinks the chocolate, Yu-Hwa notices that the kid has animal ears and suspects that he could be an another.

There is a knock on his door and Yu-Hwa lets in two men doning black suits looking for the kid. Yu-Hwa notices that the kid is gone. Suddenly, Un comes in and sends off the Hon officials away. From Un,  Yu-Hwa learns that the kid has stolen something important from Hon. The kid who has been hiding under the table and shaking from fear by now, nudges Yu-Hwa's pants as a gesture of asking not to give him away. Yu-Hwa lies that the kid is not in his cafe and Un leaves.