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Chapter 26
Release Date 11 Apr 2013
Season 01
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After Un leaves, Yu-Hwa confronts the kid. But it is actually the kid who is interrogating him. The kid asks if he is from Hon, whether he would hand him or the stolen item to Hon or absorb his abilities. Yu-Hwa replies that he would do none of those things and he has merely let him in his cafe because he was soaking wet. Then Yu-Hwa realizes that he himself is in big trouble now that he has lied to Hon. So, the kid suggest that he becomes an accomplice and helps him finish his work so that he can return the item to Hon quickly.

Suddenly a guy gets in though Yu-hwa tells that the cafe service is unavailable. Without him noticing, the guy launches an attack but the kid pushes Yu-Hwa out of the way. It seems the guy is an Another wanting the item the kid is carrying. He is about to attack the kid but Yu-hwa hits him with a stool. He then gets engaged in a fight with the Another and attempts to run away with the kid.

Meanwhile, Un is reported that a nearby CCTV shows the kid walked into Yu-hwa's cafe and so he rushes there but finds the whole place in Topsy-turvy.