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Chapter 27
Release Date 17 Apr 2013
Season 01
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Un arrives at the cafe and seeing the chaotic state it's in, calls Yu-Hwa to find out if he is okay. But he has left his phone on the bar counter. So, Un calls at the Hon base and tells his subordinates to report all nearby CCTV footages to him but not to inform the superiors yet. Then Un wonders to himself what is to come of Yu-Hwa if the situation drags on longer and his superiors find out.

Dashing through alleyways, Yu-Hwa and the kid run from their catcher. Yu-Hwa comes to a halt to catch breath. He has not fully recovered yet and to top it off, the recent fighting and running is draining his energies. He asks the kid what exactly he has stolen from Hon that now even the anothers are chasing him. The kid is reluctant to tell what the item is but emphasizes that it is something that he needs to deliver even if it costs him his life.

The raise of voice brings in the Another chasing them but Yu-Hwa intervenes again. Despite the blow from the another, he stands up and tells the kid that he will help him deliver the item and take care of this another too.