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Chapter 28
Release Date 24 Apr 2013
Season 01
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The Another laughs at Yu-Hwa for thinking he could take him on. But he soon realizes Yu-Hwa is an exception to other humans as he manages to evade his attack and even lands a punch on him. However, the punch itself seems to be hurting Yu-Hwa.

He recalls when he got discharged from the hospital, Su-Jin, Ye-Rin and Un had visited him. Su-Jin said that he didn't just have regenerative ability but his bones and interior organs could re-align and readjust themselves. It was a complicated process and required much time than normal regeneration. Yu-Hwa was acting casual despite the serious talk. Un explained the nature of seriousness to him. His bones were completely shattered due to the relentless attacks on anothers. It takes wielding and channeling powers to fists to attack anothers with impact as well as raise stronger defense. But he didn't do any of those and also his attacks lacked the minimum finesse. It was a miracle that he had survived. So, Un suggested Yu-hwa to stay low until full recovery.

At present, Yu-Hwa has successfully got himself in more trouble despite his recovering state. The another launches attack sending him flying to hit a wall and make it collapse entirely. The another thinks he wouldn't make out of this and turns to the kid to get the item. He holds the kid responsible for the human's death. The kid remembers Yu-Hwa's kindness and accepts that it is indeed his fault for dragging the guy into the mess. Suddenly Yu-Hwa's voice tells him to snap out of it and they find Yu-Hwa standing back up again. Yu-hwa attacks the another and the two are fighting toe-to-toe. The kid wonders why Yu-Hwa is helping and assumes that he is risking his life maybe because it would be problematic if Hon finds out that the item is taken by those anothers. At this rate, he might die. But Yu-Hwa snaps him out of his thoughts once more and tells him that he'll take him to where he has to deliver the item. And then with all the strength he could master, Yu-Hwa throws the another and emerges the victor.

Finally the kid breaks into tears as Yu-Hwa calms him down saying he is the one in pain.