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Chapter 3
Release Date 31 Oct 2012
Season 01
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This chapter starts with Han Yu-Hwa being surprised about the appearance of the man in front of him. The man realizes Yu-Hwa can see his true monstrous appearance. The monster lunges towards Yu- Hwa to kill him while Yu barely manages to dodge and run. Then the monster stares into the VIP room. While Yu-Hwa is fleeing for help, he realizes that the monster will attack the little girl and returns to save her.

In the VIP room, the little girl is surprised to see Yu-Hwa enter as the monster is about to attack her. Yu-Hwa manages to take the girl and try to escape when struck by the monster. Yu-Hwa asks the girl to go for help as he closes the door and is inside the room with the monster. A fight begins where the monster hits Yu-Hwa continuously but the latter survives due to his healing abilities.