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Chapter 33
Release Date 29 May 2013
Season 01
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The kid uses the healing stone to try and heal his human grandfather. However, his attempt results in vain. Un explains that the stone only works on Anothers and chides the kid for spending his time in vain, attempting to achieve the impossible rather than be by his grandpa's side. The kid breaks into tears over the unconscious body of his grandfather.

Seeing the boy’s sadness, Yu-Hwa decides to attempt using his healing ability. He grabs hold of the stone of healing and it is channeled with the crystal within him. Although unknown to him how it happened, Yu-Hwa is able to heal the grandfather enough to allow him to speak his last words to the kid. The grandfather thanks his grandson for always being there for him. Saying this, he finally passes away.

Later, the kid rigorously thanks Yu-Hwa. The agents and Yu-Hwa leave the place.