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Chapter 34
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Release Date 17 Jul 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa ponders over his option to potentially join Hon, which Su-Jin insists is for his own safety and protection.

Soon after, Ye-Rin enters the cafe wearing a pretty dress. Yu-Hwa is startled to see her (not expecting she might wear anything other than formal pantsuit) at first but later compliments her. She takes a seat and has some coffee. The two then discuss Ye-Rin and Un’s life in Hon. They are both half-breeds (children of humans and Anothers). Their status gives them their powers.

All the while, Yu-Hwa doesn’t realize that the whole thing is a set-up blind date. His stupidity ushers Ye-Rin away. Yu-Hwa learns of the blind date from Un later.