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Chapter 35
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Release Date 24 Jul 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa sighs as he walks through the corridors of HonUn sees him and asks if he is in trouble once more. It turns out that Yu-Hwa is there for basic training as a new member of the organization. They continue talking about Yu-Hwa's incorporation to Hon until Su-Jin Ji walks up to them. She scolds Yu-Hwa for his actions during his blind date with Ye-Rin, not even realizing that he was on a blind date. This earns a laugh from Un. Su-Jin continues telling him how difficult it was to persuade Ye-Rin while Yu-Hwa tries to reason out. He then asks Un how Ye-Rin was after she came back. Un reports that she looked like her normal self but that she would not respond when he asks her what happened during the blind date and asks as if there was no question asked. Yu-Hwa takes this as Ye-Rin being angry but Un corrects him, saying that she feels more embarassed that angry.

Un suddenly request the young lady to refrain from making private requests. He explains that since Ye-Rin is an agent of Hon, and Su-Jin is the head of Hon, it would be difficult for Ye-Rin to refuse. Su-Jin immediately apologizes upon realizing her position. Un also reprimands Yu-Hwa for asking the young lady to arrange a blind date for him. Yu-Hwa also starts to apologizes but Un cuts him off by saying that it is not something to apologize for. He adds that involving Ye-Rin to similar arrangements will be troublesome for him. The other two is surprised by his confession but Un passes it being troubled to be the only single person if Yu-Hwa and Ye-Rin get together.

The scene shifts to Mase investigating an area which shows signs that a battle occurred. He makes a phone call to Su-Jin, who listens through speakerphone with Ye-Rin and Un, to report that the fugitive seems to be a highly dangerous Another. He explains that the pursuers appear to be quite strong so the fugitive did not bother concealing his power. He follows that the traces left from the battle could only be created by someone with that kind of power and connects it with the ability to evade Atran for so long. Su-Jin notes that Atran should expect losses if they pursue a highly dangerous another but the said organization is still giving it their all in pursuing the said another. She orders Mase to return, leave cleanup to other agents, and find out the identity of the fugitive. Su-Jin then turns to the two agents to discuss the current predicament as the fugitive being chased by Atran escaped to Hon's jurisdiction. Su-Jin tells them to issue an emergency alert to all of Hon for there may be conflict between the two organizations which may lead to an all-out war. She designates the two to lead the other agents on making sure that the anothers under their protection will remain unharmed. As the two agents leave, the young lady wonders what could be the reason for Atran's disregard for potential losses and who it is that they are pursuing.

Meanwhile, in the cafe, Yu-Hwa is cleaning up when the door opens. Without turning to see who it is, he announces that the cafe is already closed. The person who arrived questions him as he claims that Yu-Hwa told him to come by at any time. Yu-Hwa turns to see Sa-Ryun walking into the cafe and greets his "hyung" enthusiastically, saying that Sa-Ryun is an exception. Yu-Hwa asks him where he had gone to which Sa-Ryun replies that he had some business to take care of. Yu Hwa asks if it is over as he becomes excited to see Sa-Ryun more often. However, Sa-Ryun tells him that it would still be difficult to meet up.