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Chapter 37
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Release Date 07 Aug 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa tells Sa-Ryun about his recent involvements with Anothers and joining Hon. Sa-Ryun seems quite concerned and abandons the idea of devouring Yu-Hwa temporarily. Instead, he creates a red sphere compacting a bit of his own power and gives it to Yu-Hwa via the glove which imbibes it. Sa-Ryun explains to Yu-Hwa that he has just given him a bit of power to use in case of emergencies. But he will only be able to use the power to create a few shots. After this, Sa-Ryun leaves the cafe.

Later, Hon discovers that the Anothers pursuing Sa-Ryun are in Yu-Hwa’s neighborhood. Su-Jin Ji is concerned about Yu-Hwa's safety and Mase decides to send Hon agents to assure it.