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Chapter 40
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Release Date 28 Aug 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa tries to explain to Un that he did nothing to start a fight with the Reapers and insists that they suddenly appeared and attacked him. Un brushes him off, telling him that they will talk about it later, and asks the Atran agents for information. After learning that Un is an agent from Hon, the Reapers tell him to ask through Atran's official channels return their attention to Yu-Hwa. They continue to belittle Hon but Un would not hand over Yu-Hwa to them. One of the Reapers try to attack Un but he easily dodges and counterattacks. The others try to grab Yu-Hwa while Un is preoccupied with fighting and Un loses his focus in the fight. Another Reaper joins the fight and the two Reapers lands a punch that throws him to the opposite wall and makes him lose consciousness.