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Chapter 41
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Release Date 04 Sep 2013
Season 01
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Un slumps to the ground while Yu-Hwa is attacked by one of the Reapers. Two of the reapers try to decide to keep the Hon agent alive but the remaining reaper objects and commands them to kill him. Yu-Hwa overhears this and blames himself for endangering Un's life. He bargains with the reapers, asking them to spare Un's life in exchange for his cooperation. Un regains consciousness at this moment and stops him. He reminds Yu-Hwa about the reason Hon asked him to join: so they could protect him officially. Un resumes his battle with the two Anothers that he was fighting earlier. The two others decide to join the fight as it is taking too long but Yu-Hwa quickly distracts the smaller one by throwing water on its head. He tries to assure Un that he will hang on but as Un takes a glance to Yu-Hwa's direction, the smaller reaper pierces his hand through Yu-Hwa's body.