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Chapter 42
Release Date 11 Sep 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa slumps to the ground as the another frees his hand from Yu-Hwa's body. Un tries to run towards Yu-Hwa but the Reapers attacking him block his way.  On the verge of losing consciousness, Yu-Hwa tries to remain awake. Un tries to assess Yu-Hwa condition but he notices that Yu-Hwa is losing too much blood which formed a pool on the floor. Un tries rushing forward but he is kicked to the opposite wall with a large crash. Yu-Hwa continues worrying about Un's situation and requests his body to move. His hand moves but he immediately notices that something is amiss. Yu-Hwa gets up from the floor as he realizes that his body is moving on its own. The reapers see him while Yu-Hwa reminisces on Sa-Ryun's words about him going berserk when unconscious. Furthermore, at that state, Sa-Ryun has mentioned that his attacks healed rather than cause damage. Yu-Hwa's power awakens and he attacks with increased speed and strength and outmatches his opponents. He jumps high to dodge the reapers' attacks and four Sa-Ryun's spheres come out his body. The anothers are dumbfounded to see the spheres and Yu-Hwa uses them to attack the reapers. Un is shocked by what he has witnessed.