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Chapter 43
Release Date 18 Sep 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa's use of Sa-Ryun's spheres turns the table around in his favor. The Reapers are prompted to make an escape while they can. Then suddenly Yu-Hwa loses consciousness.

Later, Yu-Hwa is admitted to hospital again and it was reported to Hon that he used Sa-Ryun's sphere during that fight. Hon agents speculate that clearly he has some kind of connection with Sa-Ryun. Mase wonders how Yu-Hwa acquired Sa-Ryun’s powers. He explains that Sa-Ryun is a hunter for Atran who is a highly-dangerous another and unpredictable.

Meanwhile, the Reapers are in a temporary hide-out, planning their next move to capture Sa-Ryun after the unexpected loss. In a little while, they are interrupted by Sa-Ryun himself. They chide him for daring to show up, knowing that they are in his pursuit. However, Sa-Ryun reminds them that he’s the hunter and they are his prey. Saying this, he unleashes his power as the Reapers stand aghast.