Crystal icon.png Chapter 44
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Release Date 25 Sep 2013
Season 01
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Sa-Ryun toys with his preys and hears from them about Yu-Hwa’s display of power which raises his interest further concerning Yu-Hwa. Then he starts fighting them seriously.

Meanwhile, Hon is suspicious of Yu-Hwa's connections with Sa-Ryun and discusses amongst themselves about it while Yu-Hwa rests unconscious.

Sa-Ryun quickly defeats the Reapers. However, he notices that he is still weak from his previous injuries.

At the hospital, Yu-Hwa gains consciousness and after finding out that Un is okay, he is interrogated after waking up. Mase confronts him about his relationship with Sa-Ryun. Yu-Hwa's apparent answers gives them the impression that he has no idea of the dangerous another's identity or any cue to his intention. Mase leaves with the information. He lets Un and Ye-Rin know about his intentions of using Yu-Hwa to bait out Sa-Ryun.

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