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Chapter 45
Release Date 02 Oct 2013
Season 01
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At the cafe, Un is helping out Yu-Hwa fix the damages done by the most recent battle. Un tries to persuade him to let Hon pay for the damages but Yu-Hwa insists on rejecting their offer, saying that what happened is due to his involvement with Sa-Ryun. Yu-Hwa then sighs while complaining how the cafe being damaged all the time is bad for business and how it costs too much. Un then points out that Yu-Hwa, despite complaining, insists on fixing it himself. Yu-Hwa reveals that he buys materials at a chap price and that he does all the work which surprises Un. Yu-Hwa concludes that this time, fixing the cafe will be faster because Un is there to help.

On top of a nearby building, Sa-Ryun observes the activity at the cafe. He wonders whether Un has been assigned by Hon to guard Yu-Hwa because Un has been with him all the time. Sa-Ryun contemplates about Yu-Hwa's situation and decides that the time to absorb Yu-Hwa's power has come even if he has to kill the Hon agent and make another enemy.

Back at the cafe, Yu-Hwa asks Un if he knows the reason why Sa-Ryun was being chased. Un tells him that it is unknown and Hon has asked Atran but they did not give an answer. Un explains to Yu-Hwa that Atran is an organization which believes that the strong should rule the world, which makes Yu-Hwa more confused about why Atran has been chasing his "hyung". This time, Un asks Yu-Hwa a question: if Sa-Ryun is just a bad guy regardless of why he is being chased, what would he do? Yu-Hwa answers with another question: if Sa-Ryun did something wrong, should he do anything about it?

Un turns off the bug on his belt which serves as a communication device with Hon. He warns Yu-Hwa that he is in great danger because of his connection to Sa-Ryun. He explains the whole situation to him and tells him about the plan to use Yu-Hwa as a bait to find Sa-Ryun. Unknown to them, Sa-Ryun is just outside the cafe, and hears their conversation. Un tries to convince Yu-Hwa to help Hon so that he will be free from danger but Yu-Hwa tells him that he can't do that. He tells Un that he purposely left the cafe destroyed as a warning sign for Sa-Ryun to stay away. Un is outraged with what Yu-Hwa has done but Yu-Hwa just stubbornly tells him that he can't betray someone who has helped him so much. He adds that he will do the same for Un. Just then, an Another, one which Sa-Ryun recognizes, enters the cafe, The Another comments on how he told Mase that the plan is a waste of time, suggesting that he has heard Yu-Hwa and Un's whole conversation.