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Chapter 46
Release Date 16 Oct 2013
Season 01
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Lecter approaches Yu-Hwa and Un while saying that Mase is losing touch because Mase told him that Un was dependable (but Un cut off communications with Hon while talking to Yu-Hwa). He tells Un that it's because of weak-minded people like him that they belittle Hon. Un asks him if he is the agent sent by Atran to work with them. He confirms this then suddenly attacks Un who is thrown to the opposite wall. Lecter immediately seizes the chance to ask Yu-Hwa about the whereabouts of Sa-Ryun but Yu-Hwa doesn't answer. Instead, he asks Lecter what he is. He tries to attack Yu-Hwa but Un blocks him. Lecter recalls Mase telling him that is useful and  notes that Un has an ability. Un asks Yu-Hwa to escape. Un makes an attack to Lecter but the Atran agent easily blocks and lands his own attack on Un. Sa-Ryun, who was hiding while watching, notes that Lecter is as strong as ever, maybe even stronger. Yu-Hwa starts to attack Lecter but the another easily catches his fist with one hand. He tells Yu-Hwa that he had heard of him, being one to defeat some agents of Atran and using Sa-Ryun's spheres. Yu-Hwa tries to punch him repeatedly but Lecter blocks all his attacks with one arm. Lecter finally kicks him and the attack sends him flying to the wall. Lecter lifts Yu-Hwa with one hand and asks him what his relationship with Sa-Ryun is. Yu-Hwa still does not budge so Lecter slams him to the floor. He proceeds on crushing Yu-Hwa's arm with his foot but Yu-Hwa does not talk. He lifts him again, this time by the neck, but Yu-Hwa only comments that his mind has bee cleared of confusion about Sa-Ryun. He tells Lecter that if anothers like him were chasing his hyung, then Sa-Ryun couldn't have been as bad as he thought, which Sa-Ryun completely hears. Lecter decides to kill Yu-Hwa. However, multiple Sa-Ryun's spheres appear and attack him. Lecter releases Yu-Hwa in the process of avoiding the attacks. Yu-Hwa looks up and sees his hyung facing Lecter.