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Chapter 47
Release Date 24 Oct 2013
Season 01
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Sa-Ryun appears and Lecter is surprised as their meeting has occurred sooner than expected. Lecter comments it was foolish of Atran to have sent the likes of previous bunch of anothers to capture Sa-Ryun. So he has come himself to finish him and absorb his ability. Sa-Ryun knows that originally Lecter is no match for him but to his disadvantage, Lecter knows that he is weakened after getting rid of the Atran heir. The two of them start fighting.

Yu-Hwa thinks of getting Un to safety when Sa-Ryun lands a blow on Lecter, blowing up a portion of the cafe. The fight continues in mid-street. This time, Lecter pulls out his stops and gradually gains  the upper hand. He notices Sa-Ryun's physique is falling and thinks what could bring Sa-Ryun to face him rather than fleeing to heal his body first. With a flash, he comes up with an insane idea that Sa-Ryun could possibly be trying to save Yu-Hwa. Although Sa-Ryun denies it, Yu-Hwa believes it and decides to help out his hyung in some way.

Meanwhile, Sa-Ryun is getting beaten up. With his back against a wall and Lecter aiming his last blow straight on face, they are stopped by Yu-Hwa who drives their attention to himself. He conjures Sa-Ryun's sphere and hits himself with it. He falls with a hole in his body as the two fighters stand watching with utter surprise. The next moment he gets up and with a jolt dashes past Lecter and hits Sa-Ryun!