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Chapter 48
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Release Date 30 Oct 2013
Season 01
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Unable to comprehend what's happening, Lecter is rendered speechless while watching Yu-Hwa land punches on Sa-Ryun. Sa-Ryun slowly heals through Yu-Hwa's attacks and catches his punches one by one. He eventually manages to catch Yu-Hwa and throws him away and Lecter asks him if he is okay. Lecter says that he feels responsible and uncomfortable for letting Sa-Ryun get attacked repeatedly by the boy and tells Sa-Ryun that he will finish him quickly to make up for it. He goes for a finishing punch but Sa-Ryun suddenly throws his own punch and summons one of his spheres. Lecter is pushed back and hit by Sa-Ryun's sphere, followed by a kick. Lecter tries to counter attack but Sa-Ryun summons more spheres and attacks. Now in a weakened state, Lecter asks Sa-Ryun if he was pretending to be injured to which Sa-Ryun gives a vague answer. Lecter thinks that he was definitely not tricking him but wonders what happened. Sa Ryun delivers the finishing attack and an Orb of Power is released from Lecter's body. Sa-Ryun approaches the orb but before he can absorb it, an attack comes his way. Sa-Ryun avoids it and comes face to face with Mase. They fight to see who would absorb Lecter's power but while they are fighting, the orb bounces away. It rises up in the air and the two highly dangerous anothers follow it while still fighting. It eventually falls and enter's Yu-Hwa's head. Yu-Hwa regains consciousness while the two anothers just stare at him.