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Chapter 49
Release Date 06 Nov 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa regains consciousness and complains about his head hurting. Sa-Ryun only stares at him, wondering how he absorbed the Orb of Power. He concludes that what happened was fortunate because now, there is a lesser chance of Yu-Hwa getting captured by Atran. He agrees with Mase that the situation works for both of them. Yu-Hwa then looks up and seess his hyung and Mase. He gets up and approaches Sa-Ryun. He inquires about what happened and is thrilled to learn that his gamble paid off. Sa-Ryun still tells him off for his idiotic plan. Yu-Hwa suddenly remembers Un who gets up. Yu-Hwa runs toward him and helps him stand up. Sa-Ryun moves to take his leave but Mase stops him. Sa-Ryun warns Mase that if they fight, he must realize that even if he wins, he will not come out of the fight unscathed. Mase tells him that he plans to eliminate Sa-Ryun and tell Atran so the commotion will end. Sa-Ryun laughs knowingly that it will be easier for Atran then to attack Hon. Mase demands him to explain what he meant and Sa-Ryun reveals Atran's plan to attack Hon which draws surprised expressions from the Hon members. He adds that their attention was just diverted to him when he killed the heir of Atran's ruler because he found the Pandora's box. At the last revelation, Sa-Ryun takes his leave.

Back at Hon, Un is sent to the hospital. He asks Mase about the Pandora's Box. The young lady is surprised and demands an explanation from Mase. Mase relays the information to her. Yu-Hwa asks what the Pandora's box is about and Su-Jin explains everything.