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Chapter 5
Release Date 14 Nov 2012
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa regains his consciousness on the hospital bed. He wonders whether the monster he saw was a dream or not, but feels more inclined to believe it was real as his recent wounds hurt more.

Yu-Hwa's thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of the kid he previously saved. She is escorted by a young man. Yu-Hwa is glad to see her doing well, and she thanks him again for saving her twice. Yu-Hwa thinks about the monster and before he can ask a question, he is interrupted by the man escorting her.

He informs him that the monster he met is called an “Another,” a race of beings who exist and wander around in the world in human disguise from the beginning of time. They feed on weaker prey and absorb their power. The man deems it will be problematic as Yu-Hwa seems to have unusual ability himself.

Elsewhere, the another from before is seen lamenting the loss of his prey.