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Chapter 50
Release Date 13 Nov 2013
Season 01
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Un receives the news that Yu-Hwa absorbed Lecter's sphere of power and he asks how it was possible. Yu-Hwa cuts in, asking if what happened was something good and Su-Jin Ji replies in affirmative. She proceeds to explain that a power sphere is part of a dead another's power compressed into a ball and that other anothers absorb it to gain more power. Un then points out that Yu-Hwa is a human and repeats his question: how did he absorb a sphere? Ye-Rin explains to Yu-Hwa that only those with the blood of anothers can absorb the sphere and the stronger, the more power can be absorbed. Su-Jin has no answer on how Yu-Hwa was able to do it. In the end, Yu-Hwa and Un conclude that what happened is a good thing because Yu-Hwa absorbed the sphere of a highly dangerous another.

While the two are talking, Su-Jin thinks back to Mase's earlier report about the Pandora's Box. Considering the damage Atran dealt with in pursuit of Sa-Ryun, they conclude that Atran will go back to their original plan to attack Hon. She is pulled back to the present when Yu-Hwa asks if he will gain strength. Before the young lady could answer, Un shouts at Yu-Hwa, telling him that the answer is no. Yu-Hwa becomes confused so Ye-Rin explains that the orb only contains a portion (generally 10%) of the dead another's original power and at times, even more power is lost when the orb is absorbed. Yu-Hwa wonders how much stronger he has become but Ye-Rin explains further the increase in his power will not be instantaneous. Yu-Hwa decides to train to be able to protect himself.

Ye-Rin, Un and Yu-Hwa proceed to the training room. Once they are there, Yu-Hwa becomes reluctant to fight Ye-Rin and suggests training with Un instead. Un states the obvious fact that he cannot because he is still far from having recovered and adds that Ye-Rin is much stronger than he is so she can assess Yu-Hwa's power better than he can. He warns Yu-Hwa to stay on guard and not go easy on her just because she's a woman. Ye-Rin tells him to start when he is ready and after a moment, Yu-Hwa starts to attack. However, Ye-Rin easily dodges or deflects all of his punches. Yu-Hwa leaps away, stating that he still has no idea if he has gotten stronger. Annoyed, Un reminds him that his power increase will not be instantaneous and also shouts at Ye-Rin for not attacking. Yu-Hwa encourages Ye-Rin to attack him and not hold back. Ye-Rin is reluctant but accedes. Yu-Hwa starts attacking and this time, Ye-Rin fights back. She kicks Yu-Hwa and sends him flying to the wall. Yu-Hwa is dumbfounded as he acknowledges Ye-Rin's power. Un jeers at Ye-Rin for holding back while Yu-Hwa says that he can take more attacks.

In her office, Su-Jin watches them closely through a monitor. The young lady sighs as the three add to her troubles.