Crystal icon.png Chapter 51
Release Date 20 Nov 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa is thrown to the wall while training. Un, who has healed and started helping him with his training, scolds him for charging blindly. He reminds Yu-Hwa that what he does is dangerous and tells him that he improved so little, considering the amount of power he absorbed. Un wonders what happened because nothing seems to have changed in Yu-Hwa's strength. He decides to end the training for the day but Yu-Hwa wants to keep going and tries to persuade him, saying that he heals fast. Un reminds him that not everyone is like himf and they have been training for hours and the Hon agent wants to eat and rest. Un leaves the training room, telling him not to rush it. Yu-Hwa apologizes and sits down to rest after Un leaves. He closes his eyes and when he opens them again, he sees Ye-Rin handing him a towel. Ye-Rin agrees with Un and also tells Yu-Hwa not to rush things. Yu-Hwa expresses his sentiment, telling Ye-Rin that he hoped to at least feel a difference because of the orb of power he absorbed. Ye-Rin makes him feel better and they talk until Yu-Hwa decides to leave and go home. Ye-Rin offers to take him there but Yu-Hwa rejects the offer. She eventually persuades him and they leave. Yu-Hwa's departure along with Ye-Rin is reported to Mase. He wonders whether the boy is going to meet Sa-Ryun. He expresses his doubts about Yu-Hwa's intentions and actions, claiming them to be suspicious. Un comes to Yu-Hwa's defense but Mase claims that Un has no evidence to support him. Another report tells Mase that Ye-Rin left with Yu-Hwa so now, Mase wonders whether Yu-Hwa is leading the Hon agent to a trap. Su-Jin Ji sighs as he listens to Mase's suspicions about Yu-Hwa and she expresses her annoyance. Suddenly, a power outage occurs in the building.

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