Crystal icon.png Chapter 52
Release Date 28 Nov 2013
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa and Ye-Rin arrives in front of the cafe. Yu-Hwa talks about his dilemma about reopening the cafe and Ye-Rin encourages him to not give up on it, explaining that Yu-Hwa will have to return to his old life someday and he needs somewhere to return to. This prompts Yu-Hwa to ask Ye-Rin if she has a place to return to after she stops what she's currently doing. She happily answers that Hon is the place she'll return to. Suddenly, Ye-Rin senses an attack and pushes Yu-Hwa aside to protect him. She kicks the incoming attack away and it hits the cafe instead. As he stands up, Yu-Hwa jokes about not having the cafe repaired is a good thing, seeing how the previous attack damaged it again. Two masked Anothers reveal themselves and attacks them. Yu-Hwa suddenly runs forward, stating that he will take on one of them, surprising Ye-Rin. He takes a while in fighting his opponent but he finally gains advantage. When he knocks down his opponent, he notices Ye-Rin standing aside while watching him and asks her if she has been waiting for long. Yu-Hwa's opponent stands up and starts to run away but before he could get too far, Ye-Rin knocks him out of consciousness. Yu-Hwa wonders who the anothers are and Ye-Rin decides to contact Hon to find out. However, she cannot get through so she thinks that Hon might be under attack. Ye-Rin tells Yu-Hwa to stay at the cafe but Yu-Hwa insists on coming with her. He adds that he cannot just hide because he's part of Hon, too.

Meanwhile, at Hon, Atran agents have infiltrated the building. Un and the other Hon agents continue to fight them. As they succeed in knocking out the anothers in one area, Un wonders how much more he needs to fight. He thinks in relief that at least Yu-Hwa is not in the building. Suddenly, an Atran agent punches through a wall and hits him. 

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