Crystal icon.png Chapter 53
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Release Date 04 Dec 2013
Season 01
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Un stands up and faces the Another which proves to be a tough one.

He thinks that he needs to finish him quickly so he can help in other areas and continues the fight. Meanwhile, Mase is leading Su-Jin Ji down a hallway when suddenly, Atran agents appear before them and reveal her as their target. She snaps out of thinking about Atran's motives for the siege without reorganizing first as bullets are fired toward her direction. Mase creates a Flame shield to protect the little lady and punches the floor to send an attack from below to the enemies. He then throws a fireball to the surviving opponents. Suddenly, Zed appears, which shocks Mase and the Hon princess. He demands the key to the Pandora's Box from them but Mase denies knowledge of it and tells them that the box is just a legend. However, Zed just laughs it off and reveals his knowledge that Su-Jin Ji is the key. Mase asks the young lady to leave and proceed to the underground bunker. The head of Hon agrees and she goes away, guarded by two Hon agents. Zed makes another revelation to Mase: the key is very important that he isn't the only highly dangerous another sent in the infiltration of Hon. Mase tries to follow the princess but Zed starts his attack.

The princess is about to reach her destination when the ceiling gives in and down comes another highly dangerous another from the floor above. As the smoke clears, Su-Jin Ji is surprised once more as she sees who it is.

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