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Chapter 54
Release Date 11 Dec 2013
Season 01
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Mase skids backward as he blocks Zed's initial attack. Zed expresses his irritation on Mase's lack of focus on their face-off while they exchange attacks. They continue exchanging blows until Zed lands a punch that sends Mase crashing through a wall. He encourages Mase to fight better by saying that he can save the princess sooner if he defeats him instead of dying like a fool. Mase agrees and starts to take the fight seriously. The Hon chief creates a huge fireball directed at Zed who barely manages to avoid it. He follows it with a punch which Zed block with his arms. The Atran agent expresses his contentment on Mase's focus on their fight.

Meanwhile, Guight faces the Hon agents guarding the Su-Jin Ji. He easily sends them flying with a swing of his hand and asks the young lady to come with him but the Hon princess refuses. Suddenly, Yu-Hwa appears and kicks Guight right on the face. He stands before Su-Jin Ji to protect her from the Another. Guight aims a punch on Yu-Hwa but before it hits the young man, it is diverted upward by kick from Ye-Rin who has just arrived at the scene. Guight is surprised to know (from the kick) that there is another person other than Mase who can be a powerful opponent. Ye-Rin asks Yu-Hwa to take the Hon princess and escape while she faces the Atran agent. Su-Jin Ji agrees with Ye-Rin and persuades Yu-Hwa to accompany her. Guight lifts part of the floor and throws it toward the three but Ye-Rin kicks it which breaks it into smaller pieces. She urges Yu-Hwa and Su-Jin Ji to hurry so the two run away. Before Guight could run after them, Ye-Rin blocks his way and avoids his attack. She kicks him and follows it with an elbow strike. Ye-Rin kicks him once again which sends him flying through the hallway.