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Chapter 55
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Release Date 18 Dec 2013
Season 01
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The fight between Ye-Rin and Guight continues and Guight wonders why Ye-Rin is not classified as highly dangerous. She answers that she prefers not to be noticed. Guight proceeds to attack her again with a beam but Ye-Rin blocks it with her own attack. Guight approaches but she avoids his attack and lands her own on his face. He throws another piece of the floor but she kicks through it and to him. However, the Another catches her foot and prepares to finish her. Ye-Rin breaks free and kicks him again.

On the other hand, Su-Jin Ji and Han Yu-Hwa are talking about Ye-Rin while running through Hon's corridors. Suddenly, they hear Anothers nearby which causes them to stop on their tracks. The little lady leads Yu-Hwa on another route since it seems that Atran has taken control in most of the building. Su-Jin Ji leads him to an emergency underground bunker and explains its purpose after he asks about it. She also tells him of Hon's position as an organization, saying that it is a relatively weak organization. They arrive in the bunker and Yu-Hwa peeps throught the door to check if anyones is there. They continue their conversation and the Hon princess tells her that she is the key to Pandora's Box so her fate is to die before falling into enemy's hands. Yu-Hwa scolds her for having thoughts like that even though she is just a kid. Suddenly, they hear a voice and look around to see Jacra and Tar standing before them.