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Chapter 56
Release Date 25 Dec 2013
Season 01
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Jacra comments on the improvement that he sees in Yu-Hwa. Yu-Hwa asks Su-Jin Ji  if the Salamanders is a subdivision of Atran but Su-Jin Ji says that as far as she knows, it is not. Jacra confirms this so Yu-Hwa asks why they are at Hon. Jacra admits that Atran offered them a deal to capture the princess of Hon but since Atran seems to handle things without needing them, Jacra and Tar are just casually strolling the building. 

Jacra tells them that they do not need to know the purpose of Atran's invasion but Yu-Hwa informs the Salamanders leader that it is actually about the Pandora's Box. Jacra, Tar and the Su-Jin Ji are surprised with what he said. Yu-Hwa gambles on telling what he knows but Jacra just laughs it off and declares that Pandora's Box is just a legend. He expresses his disappointment in Yu-Hwa, believing that the young man told a lie in order to escape. However, Su-Jin Ji confirms Yu-Hwa's statements. Tar questions the connection between the invasion and Pandora's Box to which the little lady reveals that Atran is attacking to capture her because she is the key to Pandora's Box. The revelation unnerves Jacra and Tar but Jacra quickly recovers from the shock. Yu-Hwa then asks him whether his dream world is something that is destroyed, because Atran's plan is to rule the world after it's destruction. He explains that the holder of Pandora's Box would rule the world, contrary to what Jacra wants which is for the strong to dominate over the weak. Jacra confirms that he does not wish for Atran to destroy and rule the world as they wish. He states that it would be better then for the Hon princess to die so that the Pandora's Box cannot be opened. The suggestion that Jacra would kill a child surprises Yu-Hwa. The Salamanders leader tells him that he is not happy about harming a child for something that hasn't happened but he cannot ignore Atran opening the Pandora's Box. Yu-Hwa asks him to turn a blind eye, nothing will happen as long as Su-Jin Ji is not captured. Jacra agrees to walk away on one condition: Yu-Hwa must defeat Tar in a fight.

Su-Jin Ji tries to discourage him but Yu-Hwa agrees to fight Tar. He start off by aiming a punch but Jacra's disciple just catches his fist. He asks if he can kill Yu-Hwa and Jacra tells him to do as he wishes. He sends Yu-Hwa flying to the end of the hallway and turns back to face his master. Jacra tells him off for showing his back to his opponent. This confuses Tar so Jacra says that Yu-Hwa has been able to withstand even his attacks. At that instant, Yu-Hwa appears behind Tar. However, Tar catches his fist again and starts to take the fight more seriously.