Crystal icon.png Chapter 57
Release Date 01 Jan 2014
Season 01
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With the knowledge that Yu-Hwa withstood Jacra's attacks, Tar starts taking the fight seriously. He kicks Yu-Hwa and follows his initial attack with a punch. Yu-Hwa is slammed to the ground and Tar states that he thought there was more to him since he kept coming back even after taking hits but concludes that Yu-Hwa is too weak. Tar suddenly notices movement and sees that Yu-Hwa stood up again, to his delight. Yu-Hwa tells Tar that their fight is not yet over. Tar remarks that the young man's stats are incredibly unbalanced: his speed and power are both very low but his endurance is amazing. He starts underestimating his opponent with Yu-Hwa making random swings at him. Unknown to him, this is Yu-Hwa's strategy to take Tar by surprise. Yu-Hwa then hits Tar's face and immediately continues pummeling him with punches. Jacra realizes what Yu-Hwa did and notices Yu-Hwa's improvement while watching the fight. Tar finally catches Yu-Hwa's fist and hits Yu-Hwa's face. Yu-Hwa is sent flying but before he crashes, Tar kicks him down. He tells Yu-Hwa that trying to be smart is not going to help. Tar is not surprised when Yu-Hwa gets up. Instead, he wants to know how much more the young man can handle and kicks Yu-Hwa again. He decides to end Yu-Hwa's life but Su-Jin Ji suddenly shouts for him to stop. She tells them that she'll come with them if they spare Yu-Hwa's life. Tar agrees, stating that he's not a fan of tossing weaklings around, and they prepare to leave. However, Yu-Hwa stands up again and reprimands the little lady for her actions. He adds that he doesn't need her to sacrifice her life for him and tells her to act her age.

Yu-Hwa persuades Tar to continue fighting him, knowing that he can only have a chance if he can awaken his explosive power. He silently tries to plead for it to awaken for even a few seconds. He provokes Tar to attack and takes the hit. Still, he continues to plead to himself for his power to awaken. After taking the hit, he suddenly stops himself from being thrown away and approaches his opponent. The change in reaction and speed surprises Tar but before he can do anything about it, Yu-Hwa hits him with his fist. Jacra remarks Yu-Hwa's increased speed. Tar takes the hit and slides back, blood dripping from his mouth. Tar is dumbfounded at the sight of his own blood.

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