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Chapter 58
Release Date 08 Jan 2014
Season 01
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Tar is enraged by the fact that Yu-Hwa's attack caused him to spill his blood so he immediately rushes towards Yu-Hwa, attacking with all his strength while asking Yu-Hwa if he has been hiding his true skills. Meanwhile, Yu-Hwa is puzzled as to how he managed to attack Tar. Yu-Hwa manages to dodge Tar's attack which surprises him and begins to counterattack. He pummels Tar who blocks the hits with his arm. Tar tries to kick Yu-Hwa but the young man does a back flip to dodge his attack. The action surprises Tar even more. Even Su-Jin Ji who is watching from the sidelines wonders how Yu-Hwa's actions are possible. She briefly considers whether this is what Un has reported before. Yu-Hwa gains confidence after he concludes that his body is moving according to his will. At this moment, Jacra chooses to intervene. He tells his disciple that Yu-Hwa is completely different from before and is not someone Tar can face carelessly. Tar then returns his focus on the fight and immediately aims an attack at Yu-Hwa. Yu-Hwa barely manages to evade the last attack but immediately counterattacks. Tar becomes more enraged and, this time, he hits Yu-Hwa, who is backed to a wall. Tar takes this chance and continues punching Yu-Hwa. Yu-Hwa clenches his teeth as he endures Tar's attacks. He raises his hand in an attempt to hit Tar but the blue-haired Another notices this and immediately smacks it to prevent him from making an attack. Tar aims more punches at Yu-Hwa but the human seems immune to the attacks and eventually manages to counterattack again. Tar blocks Yu-Hwa's attacks with his arms. The two young fighters continue to exchange blows until Jacra stops them and acknowledges that Yu-Hwa has won thr battle. Tar complains to his master but Jacra makes him realize that knocking out Yu-Hwa in their situation is nothing to be proud of. He explains further that Yu-Hwa's level before was nothing compared to Tar's but he still managed to endure all the attacks and injure Tar. He concludes that the fight will be a good learning experience for his disciple and claims that Yu-Hwa can be Tar's rival. Tar silently accepts his master's opinion and demands Yu-Hwa not to die claiming that he should be the one to kill him. Jacra and Tar fulfill their side of the bargain by leaving.

Finally free from danger, Yu-Hwa collapses to the floor while Su-Jin immediately approaches her "oppa". Smiling, Yu-Hwa points out that he kept his promise to protect Su-Jin. The child smiles back at him and they continue on their way to the underground bunker.