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Chapter 59
Release Date 15 Jan 2014
Season 01
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Jacra and Tar are leaving the Hon grounds with Tar asking his master if it'll be alright now that they have let the princess go. Jacra understands his disciple's anxiety and explains that he didn't contract to catch the princess for Atran and he planted the conditions of the fight as so they can have a valid excuse. Jacra figures that the Hon mission isn't turning out as Atran had planned it. Seeing that Hon had predicted about Atran attacking them (which even they had not known before), Jacra reckons Hon had prepared for such incident beforehand.

However, they are interrupted by someone. Tar aims a beam at the intruder and the smoke clears to reveal Sa-Ryun. Jacra tells Tar to stay out of it and greets Sa-Ryun. A conversation follows. Jacra learns that Sa-Ryun has come because of someone who interests him. Sa-Ryun asks Jacra why he let go of Yu-Hwa. Jacra explains that he finds the spirit in the boy interesting and then questions what reasons could Sa-Ryun have behind finding a human interesting. Sa-Ryun answers that it's because the boy calls him 'Hyung'. At this, Jacra bursts out laughing while Sa-Ryun adds that he also finds the boy funny to quite an extent. Jacra then turns to Tar and tells him that it would be consoling for him now that he knows that he has lost to Sa-Ryun's 'dongsaeng'. Turning back to Sa-Ryun, Jacra lets him know that this isn't the time or place to fight and Sa-Ryun agrees.

Back at the base, Zed and Mase are exhausted from fighting. Zed calls it off and Mase dashes towards the hallway. Relieved as his opponent leaves, Zed realizes that he would have died if the fight carried on. He wonders how come Mase's name was noted as the least dangerous in list. 

In the deeper portion of hallway, Ye-Rin has managed to break one of Guight's arms, an Atran agent who is quite worried that there could be a highly dangerous Another (talking about Ye-Rin) other than Mase in Hon. He determines of landing at least one crushing blow to finish her off. However, a call from Zed lets him know that Mase is heading in their direction and will be reaching shortly. Assuming it'll be too much for him to handle if Mase pairs up with Ye-Rin, Guight decides to flee. He breaks out through a window and lands on the ground just to look up and find himself face-to-face with Sa-Ryun. With a sadist glee on his face, Sa-Ryun remarks that he is quite lucky 'cause he has just found a fleeing prey. Guight breaks a sweat to await the imminent danger.

The scene shifts to the Hon base interiors. Mase reaches the hallway where Ye-Rin is. He inquires after the whereabouts of Su-Jin Ji. Ye-Rin replies that she was held off by Guight and the princess was escorted to the evacuation unit by Yu-Hwa. Un arrives to inform that the Atran forces are subdued and retreating. Since no news of Su-Jin Ji caught by Atran has arried, Mase assumes she has reached the evacuation facility. They head there and as soon as they open the door, they are surprised and albeit, relieved to find Yu-Hwa and Su-Jin Ji sleeping peacefully leaning on each other.