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Chapter 60
Release Date 22 Jan 2014
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa has landed in the hospital once again. He realizes that he has been visiting that place too frequently in recent days. Un and Ye-Rin have come to visit him. Un complains how reckless he has been all along, fighting with someone as ruthless as Tar without even knowing. It's a miracle that he survived regardless the innumerable injuries he has received: bones are broken almost everywhere and it's like he was away only an inch from death. Yu-Hwa laughs at his miserable condition. Un scolds him for laughing at such a serious issue but thanks him for saving their princess. Just then, Su-Jin Ji comes with Mase to visit Yu-Hwa. Mase starts to talk about Yu-Hwa's recklessness as Un tries to defend him. To everyone's surprise, Mase finishes by complimenting Yu-Hwa for his good job.

At the Atran base, the current leader is rages at his subordinates at the failure in Hon mission. His subordinates inform him that their data on Hon were mistaken as Hon must have hid their true strength. But now is not the time to rage and pursue Hon further as they have their own casualties to attend to. They have already lost three highly-dangerous merceneries (including Sa-Ryun) not to mention the huge number of forces sent to Hon and after Sa-Ryun. So, they decide to back off for the time being.

Yu-hwa is finally released from hospital and is escorted home by Un and Ye-Rin. He is surprised to see it completely fixed and sparkling clean. Un whispers at his ears that the boss used his personal funding to fix up the place. It's a return favor for looking after the princess. Yu-Hwa is further surprised when Ji-Woon greets him. Then he learns from the others that Ji-Woon has been looking after the cafe for the past few days. All of them engage in a lively conversation as Yu-Hwa offers free coffee and later agrees to add sandwiches as per demand of Un.

Sa-Ryun has been sitting on the rooftop of the building opposite to Yu-Hwa's cafe all along, watching over the fun moments that Yu-Hwa and his friends are having. He breaks a smile and with a sigh of relief, he gets up and walks away.