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Chapter 7
Release Date 28 Nov 2012
Season 01
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Yu-Hwa learns from the Another about the nature of their power and how they consume someone with powers to gain nourishment.

The another then attacks Yu-Hwa, and although Yu-Hwa seems to be doing fairly well, he is no match for the superhuman creature. He is eventually beaten down and is on the verge of death. After a particularly brutal stab from the another, the crystal appears again, glowing brightly enough to light up the entire shop.

The scene shifts to the woods, where a pair of evil eyes notice this new source of power.

At the cafe, Yu-Hwa somehow manages to stand up again and opens his eyes to reveal that they glow a pink color matching that of the crystal. The regenerated Yu-Hwa attacks the another which seems to have healed all old injuries of that another!