Ability Wiki
Detective Park
General Information
Gender Male
Age 30+
Race Human
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Detective
Debut Chapter 6
Last Appears Recurring

Detecive Park (Kor. 박형사) is a police officer who recently met Han Yu-Hwa and discovered about his powers during their fight with an Another.


The detective has short black hair and is apparently around his thirties .


Park, as a detective, is very keen and observant. He is on friendly terms with Yu-Hwa and has learned about the existance of Anothers from him.


Nothing is known.

Plot Overview[]

Detective Park visits the hospital to interrogate Yu-Hwa after he fought the 'Another' from the hospital. Yu-Hwa who has been warned beforehand by Mase to not tell anyone about the Anothers, accidentally slips during the interrogation that the criminal on loose is a monster. It raises Park's suspicions but has to leave for a sudden emergency.

Detective Park chances upon to meet Yu-Hwa again when the latter visits the police station to report the devastation caused in his cafe. Park is on his way to a crime scene related to a serial killer and Yu-Hwa accompanies him there as he believes an Another might be involved. It turns out that the serial killer is the Another who fought Yu-Hwa. Detective Park's bullets don't work against the monster and he falls an easy prey to it. As he is about to be killed by the Another, Yu-Hwa uses his powers to divert its attention. A short fight renders Yu-Hwa beaten and the Another attempts to kill Park again. This time, Yu-Hwa's inner power awakens and he defeats the Another but lets it go to save the Detective.

After treatment and medication, Detective Park recovers and Yu-Hwa reveals the fact about 'Anothers' to him. Detective Park promises to keep it a secret as he has saved him from danger. Later Detective Park visits Yu-Hwa's cafe to inform him that he is in charge of the recent unusual cases that might be linked with Anothers and wants Yu-Hwa's help and advice. Yu-Hwa promises to help on the condition that Detective Park only drinks coffee from his cafe and not anywhere else!

One evening Detective Park takes Yu-Hwa out to investigate his recent case. It's a sum of cases of collapsed buildings, burning of cars and etc in one particular area without any relevant cause. He thinks the supernatural abilities of Anothers might as well explain it. So they check out the accident spots one after another. Their activities are spotted by Hon and Mase arrives with Un and Ye-Rin to stop them. Upon Mases's interrogation Park slips unknowingly that they're investigating the issue to see if it's linked with Anothers. Yu-Hwa tries to cover by passing Park as a victim of the Another who attacked in the hospital. Mase announces that the case is closed and no further investigations will be carried out. Then Ye-Rin hits Park unconscious as Un does the same to Yu-Hwa (albeit several attempts were required because of Yu-Hwa's regenerating ability). The Detective wakes up to find himself in his own house and his superiors order him to close the investigation. He checks on Yu-Hwa who has been escorted to his cafe as well and they decide to stay cautious from then on.

While Detective Park is alone in his apartment, he is attacked and injured by the Salamanders. Although Yu-Hwa and Un show up to help him, the Anothers manage to kidnap Park and flee using a flash bomb. Park is taken and tied up in the Salamanders' hideout. Yu-Hwa and the Hon agents - Un and Ye-Rin arrive at the place to rescue Park. They fight the Anothers and Yu-Hwa takes on the challenge of their leader, Jacra to save Detective Park. As Yu-Hwa satisfies his interest, Jacra decides to let them go. Thus Park is rescued once again.